Beyond Recycling to Realize Compliance & Financial Benefits

TechService environmental partners recycle obsolete computer equipment in accordance with industry recognized certifications R2 and eStewards. We audit and closely monitor our Recycling Partners to ensure certifications are current.

Recycling equates to device destruction or re-use via secondary market sales.

Improperly disposing of IT equipment, can be a major hazard to the environment. TechService recycling program focuses on environmental benefits while making it cost effective to our customers and providing peace of mind with our established responsible downstream process:

  • A “Greener” approach through asset reuse not recycling
  • Zero landfill and zero e-waste shipped to developing countries
  • Zero landfill and zero incineration
  • Reduce ITAD expense overall
  • Drive a positive ITAD ROI

Our disposal process begins by dismantling and separating each individual hardware component and then grouping them by material for proper recycling by our recycling partners (metals, glass, plastics, etc…) these components are further broken down by the recyclers into raw materials to be reuse by other industries as needed.

TechService tracks each item by manufacturer, model, serial number and any other customer required information to ensure proper chain of custody from the moment we remove from your location through final disposition.

Contact us or submit a list of obsolete IT Assets for a quote. For your convenience if you prefer, fill out the ITAD Form and return it to us at